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The first non invasive blood glucose test instrument

Diabiqik –

The NIR based Glucometer lets you check your blood sugar many times a day without having to prick your finger with a needle no blood.

Come and be a part of the non invasive blood glucose measurement member. for further information to become a member of Diabiquik contact our address or email us.

Non Invasive Gluco Meter Features

  • Needs no piercing of the Skin
  • Needs no Blood
  • Painless
  • No cost Involved in needle
  • No. cost involved in chemical strip
  • There is no cost except the purchase of meter.
  • Yearly Annual Maintenance Charged (AMC) for the device.
  • Accuracy lever plus or minus 15%
  • Blood glucose level monitoring without pricking finger
  • The technology – Using near the infrared light.
  • The system detects the glucose concentrations from the collected NIR light at various wavelengths with an acceptable level of accuracy.

Needs no piercing of the skin


No cost involved in chemical strip

No cost involved in needle/lancet

Needs no blood

No cost exept purchase of meter


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The product helps in reading the blood sugar without having Needle prick and extract a drop of blood. NO Needle , NO pain, Low Cost. NO Bio wastage, NO spreading of Disease.
Hospitals, Public Health centres, Primary Health centres, Clinics, and Individual patients as a point of care device.

The blood free pain less blood sugar test ever

Diabiquik helps you monitor your glucose levels without finger-picking providing an improved quality of life.